To arrange personal or private performances please use the Contact form.  Please be as specific as possible in what type, desired style, and length of time of entertainment you are requesting.  They are available both offline and on.

Some examples of Rumpus’s past work has involved:

  • singing in both my natural voice or that of a character
  • modeling for photography and drawings, both classes and for individual artists
  • minor acting roles to include some requiring full body makeup
  • professionally taught and doing permanent piercing and scarification
  • creating temporary piercings and cuttings as art on a human canvas
  • the sale of both commissioned and non-commissioned drawings in pencil, pen,and charcoal
  • painting with acrylics
  • designing and drawing tattoos
  • aerial silks in hammock form
  • many performance art pieces leaning more toward the odd or unusual such as being suspended by needles, a surprise gift from one partner to the other of a surprise burst of interpretive dance, fire walking, being written on with marker by anyone wishing to at more than one large event, being covered in chocolate pudding while audience could see me standing and slowly removing it with a spoon, sitting still for hours with black electrical tape Xing my mouth closed as social commentary, creating my larger temporary body modifications in front of audiences, and a wide range of other things both serious and silly for groups, at events, and varying locations.

Rumpus is an artist with a love of canvas and actions, both.  Drawings and paintings, singing, minor acrobatics, and a love to learn more, do more, make more.

They are currently located in Bangkok, Thailand, but possibly available anywhere in SE Asia.  If travel is required, transportation and accomodation costs will be negotiated.